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AC Service: Huntsville, AL - Repairs & Maintenance | Hutchens Company - residential-cooling-checking-acStay cool with a new high-efficiency air conditioning system or tune-up your existing system to improve performance.

Depending on the condition and performance of your existing system, replacing your cooling system can be a wise investment. A high-quality central air conditioning system that is properly designed, sized, installed, and maintained will run well for many years.

What are the benefits of a new energy-efficient air conditioning system installed by The Hutchens Company?

  • Improve energy efficiency
  • Lower your energy bills
  • Ensure greater summer home comfort
  • Protect against equipment breakdowns
  • Increase the value of your home
  • Free estimates
  • Nate-certified technicians ensure good results

In partnership with equipment manufacturers, our team offers long equipment warranties to protect your investment. We also ensure proper sizing with accurate load calculations, making sure your home will be adequately cooled and comfortable.

Save Money on Energy Bills with Superior AC Equipment

Depending on the condition and age of your central home air conditioner, your Hutchens Company heating and cooling 'Comfort Advisor' may recommend replacing it with a new system. Today’s high-efficiency air conditioning systems consume 30% to 50% less energy for an equal cooling effect compared to air conditioners made in the mid-1970s. This results in considerable cost savings over time.

Proper AC System Sizing and Installation is Key!

We understand that properly sizing and installing an AC unit is essential for saving energy, boosting comfort, and extending the lifespan of equipment. An oversized unit will not adequately remove humidity from the air and will consume more energy. An undersized unit will struggle to keep your home cool on hot days, and can wear out more quickly. We run Manual J load calculations, which are data-driven tests to determine how much cooling your particular home needs, when sizing every system.

We go the extra mile to deliver effective home cooling by conducting a ductwork evaluation. Properly functioning ductwork enables your AC system to run at optimum performance, and even benefits indoor air quality throughout the home.

AC Service: Huntsville, AL - Repairs & Maintenance | Hutchens Company - residential-cooling-hvac-equipmentWe Offer the Highest Quality HVAC Equipment Available

The Hutchens Company installs some of the best equipment on the market, including Trane and American Standard. As a company that takes pride in serving the needs of the Huntsville community since 1886, The Hutchens Company makes the AC installation and repair process a breeze.

Our Comfort Advisors have earned a reputation throughout the Tennessee Valley for being honest, professional, and knowledgeable. Our goal is to make the air conditioning installation process as comfortable as the systems we install.

Renovating? Consider a Mini-Split System

Mini-split heat pumps are often used to retrofit existing homes and provide a comfort solution for individual rooms or a series of rooms. They provide a great option because they do not require ductwork to be added to existing homes and are effective in both heating and cooling. Mini-splits are a great option for Tennessee Valley homeowners looking for a comfort solution for room additions, but find it difficult or costly to extend the ductwork.

The Top Air Conditioner Repair and Maintenance Service in Huntsville

The last thing you need on a hot Alabama afternoon is for your air conditioner to stop working – if this happens to you, call The Hutchens Company for exceptional service from our NATE-certified technicians and get your air conditioner back in operation quickly and correctly. Our technicians follow the highest industry standards and manufacturer guidelines to ensure exceptional durability, comfort, and energy conservation.

Regular maintenance of your air conditioning system is essential for comfort and home energy efficiency. In fact, tune-ups can protect your cooling equipment, boosting reliability and cutting down on unnecessary wear and tear. Regular air conditioner maintenance is a very important aspect of home maintenance, saving money in repair costs and utility bills over time.

Want to ensure home comfort throughout the summer? Call The Hutchens Company today to get started!