Leak Defense Systems

Protect Your Property with Advanced Leak Defense Systems from Huntsville AL’s Leading Plumbing & HVAC Contractors

Water Leak Defense for Homes: System Installation | Hutchens Company - water-damage-ceilingDid you know that plumbing leaks are 7 times more likely to damage your home then a fire, and 6 times more likely to occur than a burglary?

Burglar and fire alarms are standard in many homes, but very few people take the most important step towards protecting their property – leak detection!

Hutchens Company Offers Installation of the Most Advanced Plumbing Leak Detection Systems Available

Plumbing leaks can be devastating, but with the proper precautions, you’ll never have to experience the high costs and inconvenience of having your property flooded. Our team of licensed plumbers are trained in installing point of leak and whole home leak detection systems in all varieties of residential and commercial properties.

Which Leak Defense System is Right for My Home?

Water Leak Defense for Homes: System Installation | Hutchens Company - leak-defense-whole-homeWhole Home Leak Detection

These leak detection systems are designed to monitor the amount of water flow coming into your home. The moment there is an indication of excess water flow caused by a burst pipe, the system will automatically shut off the water intake to your home, stopping the leak it its tracks.

Water Leak Defense for Homes: System Installation | Hutchens Company - point-of-leak-detectorPoint of Leak Detector System

This small, state-of-the-art device is designed to be placed in areas where leaks are likely to occur. The advanced moisture-detection technology will sound an alarm an alert you whenever moisture is detected, allowing you to stop a leak before it turns into a disaster!

Save Money & Protect Your Property Today

Did you know that water damage claims are the most common claims made on homeowner’s insurance? Don’t become one of the many victims of poor plumbing and frozen, burst pipes. Call The Hutchens Company today to speak with a leak detection specialist to determine the best solution for protecting your property.